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Marshall, Wilifred

Name: Wilfred MARSHALL

Born 16 January 1922

Hometown: Manchester, Lancashire

Age at arrival in Buchenwald: 22

Died 19 March 1985 in Burnley, Lancashire, age 63

Service: Royal Air Force

Service ID: 1049396

Service Rank: Sergeant

Duties: Flight engineer

Air Group: 1 Group, 12 Squadron

Airbase: Wickenby, Lincolnshire UK

Aircraft: Lancaster bomber ND627

Date shot down: 4 July 1944

Fate of crew: 4 KIA. 2 captured immediately, 1 evaded but captured later (Marshall).

Evasion summary: Sheltered in Picourt network penetrated by Drdoubrie.

Date captured: 11 July 1944

Capture summary: July 10, Desoubrie and Orsini went first to Orgeres to find Marshall, and then went to Chartres to pick up WATMOUGH, HORRIGAN, and JH SMITH. Back to Paris, and this time to Villa Voisin. All were arrested the next day.

Boxcar Transport: 15-20 August 1944, in boxcar #1 or #2

Buchenwald ID: 78417

Notes on Buchenwald internment:

Transferred from Buchenwald to: Stalag Luft III

Kriege ID: 8106

Notes on SLIII internment:

Subsequent transfer to: Marlag und Milag Nord

Notes on internment: Assigned to Block 3. Many POWs were marched out by the SS in early April 1945, headed to Lubek. The column was attacked repeatedly by Allied aircraft. Marshall is not on the list of POWs at Lubek, but it may not be comprehensive.

Liberation: Those at Lubek were freed by the British Guards Armored Division on 27 April 1945. Those remaining at Marlag-Milag were liberated by the British 2nd Army on 2 May 1945, and airlifted to the UK by 15 May 1945.

Repatriation from ETO:


Veteran status:

Notes on Post-War period:


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