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Hemmens, Philip D

Name: Philip Derek HEMMENS

Born 1924

Hometown: South Woodford, Essex

Age at arrival in Buchenwald: 20

Died 27 September 1944, age 20 [German record 10 October 1944 is incorrect]

Service: Royal Air Force

Service ID: 152583

Service Rank: Flying Officer

Duties: Bombardier

Air Group: 5 Group. 49 Squadron

Airbase: Fiskerton, Lincolnshire UK

Aircraft: Lancaster bomber ND533

Date shot down: 10 June 1944

Fate of crew: 6 KIA, one evaded and was captured (Hemmens). Injured in landing.

Evasion summary:

Date captured: 9 August 1944

Capture summary: Arrested in Paris with LEVERINGTON, JOYCE, LESLIE, and EAGLE.

Boxcar Transport: 15-20 August 1944, in boxcar #1 or #2

Buchenwald ID: 78383

Notes on Buchenwald internment: Died from complications of septic anemia, rheumatic fever, and pneumonia.

Transferred from Buchenwald to: Death reported by SS as 10 October 1944; thought to have died 27 September 1944.


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